ALBATROS Shoe Care Set

ARTICLE NUMBER 209100999000000
ALBATROS Shoe Care Set

ALBATROS shoe care complete set, consisting of black shoe wax (50 ml) incl. applicator sponge, neutral Instant Shine shoe cream (75 ml), waterproofing spray (200 ml) and a shoe polishing brush.

-Optimal for treating leather and imitation leather as well as textiles with smooth surfaces
-The water-based shoe wax with high-quality carnauba wax cleans, cares, protects and gives the shoe additional shine
-The included applicator sponge allows the shoe wax to be evenly distributed
-The Instant Shine shoe cream with beeswax freshens up smooth leather, revitalizes the colors and gives instant shine
The waterproofing spray provides a water-repellent layer and thus protects against moisture and dirt
-Shoe polishing brush made of natural wood and horsehair bristles for optimal and professional shoe care